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Where Should I Live in Greater LA

Greater LA covers several parts of California, such as Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Orange County. All the cities and neighborhoods in LA offer different amenities and benefits. Some offer you great food; others have beautiful natural sites. Not to mention, some of the neighborhoods offer many recreational activities.
Since every part of greater LA has something to offer you, you need to consider your preferences and needs before choosing a location to live. Most importantly, you need to determine your budget and the real estate of the city or neighborhood to make an informed decision. Here are the best places in LA that you can move to and enjoy spending a peaceful and happy life.

Culver City

Median Home Price: $892,000
Median Rent Price: $1,888
This city is popular for its movie-making history. Most people know it as a home to silver screen stars and MGM studio. You can find families and young professionals belonging to different ethnicities in Culver City. Not only does the city offer the best food and exciting nightlife, but it also has affordable rent.
This city is near Downtown LA, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, making it the best place to commute to different parts of Greater LA. The residents can also visit the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. This mesmerizing and entertaining wonderland offers landscape areas, native coastal sage scrub habitat, a fishing lake, and hiking trails. It's the best city for families, as it has several parks and recreational activities for kids. If you want to enjoy indoor time with friends and family, you can check out Platform. It features a range of restaurants, bars, boutiques, and spas.


Median Home Price: $769,900
Median Rent Price: $1,622
People dream about living in Glendale. It is a North Hollywood neighborhood and popular for being the home to LA's Armenian population. Since it offers diversity, it is a perfect place to live for families. But do remember that Glendale is around 30 minutes away from downtown. If you are willing to commute on a bus for half an hour, this is the best option for you.
You can enjoy the scenic views of the Verdugo Mountains. Nature lovers can also visit Griffith Park, located on Glendale's border. Note that this park has more than 4,200 acres of landscape, natural terrains, and picnic areas.
The Middle Eastern food of this city is another main attraction for tourists. Some top eateries are Skaf’s Lebanese Cuisine and Raffi’s Place. And, of course, how can we forget to mention Mini Kabob, a must-visit restaurant in Glendale? This place serves the best salads and kababs in the city.

Playa del Rey

Median Home Price: $1,041,853
Median Rent Price: $2,249
You can find this place near the Pacific Coast. The best thing? You will love the idea of spending the weekends on the beautiful sandy beaches. Also, the city offers multiple opportunities to get your desired job. Since it is near Silicon Beach, you can apply to starter companies or tech giants like Google and Microsoft.
To make some memories, you can always head towards Venice Beach. On weekends, you can also take your friend and enjoy sailing from Marina Del Rey. Furthermore, residents can easily commute to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). If your job nature demands to travel outside the state, it’s the best place for you.
Enjoy a soothing and relaxing time and organize a picnic in the Del Rey Lagoon. You and your friends can play volleyball or arrange a music night around Playa del Rey Beach. Enjoy the flavorsome food of The Snack and Playa Provisions at any time of the day. If you are an Italian food lover, make sure to try out Alejo's Presto Trattoria Italian Restaurant. Firestone Union Jack or Kona Longboard is the best place to have a cold brew with your loved ones.


Median Home Price: $797,027
Median Rent Price: $1,473
We all have planned a tour to Hollywood once in our lifetime. It is the home to the entertainment world, glamour, fashion, and glitz. Although it's an attractive place to live, it can cost you a lot of money. The real estate is expensive; even the rents are higher than in the other parts of LA.
When you are thinking of living in Hollywood, you need to understand that it includes several areas, including West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, South Hollywood, Bel Air, and Central Hollywood. If you go a bit further, you can also find Hollywood Hills. It is important to note that each neighborhood has its own vibes and amenities, but you can meet tourists and celebrities in every location of Hollywood. Well, you can also expect to see the display of wealth in terms of properties, shopping destinations, recreational activities, and much more.
You can find many fun activities to enjoy both night and daytime in Hollywood. To view the spectacular nightfall, you need to check out Sunset Strip. For relaxing, and retail therapy, families, and friends can visit Rodeo Drive. Satisfy your cravings by dining in Pinks and Vicious Dogs.

Bottom Line

Before deciding the place to live for a lifetime, make sure to analyze your budget. Can you afford the mortgage payments of an expensive house? Or do you need an affordable small home? Also, determine whether you have a budget to pay for the facilities of your chosen location. Consider the neighborhood, facilities, house value, your budget, and your needs before making any decision. If you have a family, you also need to take note of their preferences to choose a house that can benefit every member of the family.

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